Teradata Recruitment of Associate Software Engineer Freshers 2022

Teradata Company Description

Teradata एक सॉफ्टवेयर कंपनी है जो डेटाबेस एनालिटिक्स के सॉफ्टवेयर को Develop करती है।Teradata कंपनी बहुत सारी सर्विसेस प्रोवाइड करती है लेकिन उनका मेन कार्य बिजनेस एनालिटिक्स, क्लाउड प्रोडक्ट्स, और कंसलटिंग का कार्य है।Teradata बहुत सारे देशों में है जैसे कि नॉर्थ एंड लेटिन अमेरिका, यूरोप और अफ्रीका और एशिया के देशों में है।

Teradata Recruitment of Associate Software Engineer Freshers
Teradata Recruitment of Associate Software Engineer Freshers

Teradata Job Description

  • Responsible for the development of new code in the complex area of the Teradata Query Optimizer.
  • Ability to understand existing code which needs strong ‘C’ skills and understanding.
  • Excellent analytic abilities with an extensive background understanding of Database internals, SQL grammar, data structures and OS internals.
  • He/She will also be involved in fixing bugs in the Teradata Optimizer initially to gain an understanding of the different areas.
  • Associate needs to have 3-5 years of development experience in C/C++.
  • Experience in working in UNIX style environments is highly desirable.

Education and Experience Requirements for Teradata Job


  1. Btech/Mtech/MCA in Computer Science.
  2. Development experience required.
  3. Strong C programming skills. Knowledge of Perl/Shell Scripting desirable.
  4. Working experience in Data Structures
  5. Should be comfortable with SQL(ANSI/Database specific)
  6. Ability to work with a Project Lead, Senior Developers, and Support Associates required.
  7. Teradata knowledge a plus and Good knowledge and experience in AGILE and SCRUM methodologies.

Job Responsibilities

  • Analyze optimizer bugs, design fix and unit test changes.
  • Interact with offshore/onshore associates on projects/assignments.
  • Develop new features/change requests.

Skills Required

  • 3-5 years
  • Software development skills including software design specification, test specification, coding, testing.
  • Strong programming skills with C. UNIX Shell scripting and Perl programming a plus.
  • Exposure to various data structures
  • SQL knowledge
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Be a Team Player
  • Knowledge of Teradata/any other RDBMS.

Teradata company interview process

Teradata कंपनी इंटरव्यू के 5 से 6 राउंड लेती है।

  • रिटन एग्जाम
  • टेक्निकल राउंड वन और टू
  • टेक्निकल राउंड मशीन लर्निंग
  • मैनेजर राउंड
  • एचआर राउंड
  • कांग्रेचुलेशन आप सिलेक्ट हो चुके हैं।

How To Apply In Teradata Software Engineer’s Job

  1. Click on Apply Now Button.
  2. If You are First time visiting the website then create new account.
  3. Fill the require Data.
  4. Upload your resume/cv.
  5. You are Done.
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